XLY-001 Multifunctional Display Touch IC Grinding and Camera Metal Ring Grinding Tool

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The micrometer is used to limit the grinding deepth of IC. See below description to see how to use the tool. Or watch video by this link https://youtu.be/22lYF27nfFA

How to use this XLY-001 Grinding Tool to grind IC:

1. Disassemble the old original IC from old screen.

2. Put the original old IC under the right side micrometer, to measure a height of the IC.

3. Put NEW screen IC under grinding head. And power on the machine start to grind.

4. Right hand adjust the back side Micrometer gradually to let grinding head grind IC.

5. Left hand move around the screen to make IC all places are grinded.

6. After the back side micrometer height reached the same as right side micrometer. The grinding work is finished.

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