VALUE V-I280SV 4 liter vacuum pump for YMJ and other Laminating Machine LCD refurbish repair

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value 4L Vacuum Pump for different brands lamination machines. You need buy oil for this machine.

Important note: The oil is an embargoed item. Please buy oil in your local. The equipment does not contain oil. Please know! ! ! Or, we can send you the oild by post (not 100% sure can pass your county customs).

V-I280SV (anti-backflow, anti-collision vacuum gauge with solenoid valve)
4 liter
For 1-5 horses
Air inlet connection thread: 7/16"-20UNF
Pumping speed: 14.4m3/ H.
Ultimate pressure: 2*10-1Pa
Motor power: 750W
Refueling amount: 500ml

Gross Weight: 19kg

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