(Support from i6 to 12 Pro Max) DL S300 Tester iTestBOX for iPhone LCD Screen OLED Display Testing - include test cables

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The test cables are included. from iPhone 6 to 12 pro max, freely comes with a main FPC, USB Flash drive, charger and USB Cable. The tester can test touch, 3D, images under different colors. The tester is built in battery.

important notice: Correct testing method :

1. Install the test cable.

2. Press power key to power off.

3. Wait 4-6 seconds to let power on / off light become stable.

4. Install the LCD/Screen. And wait till the self-check light on.

5. Press power key or up / down key to activate.

6. When screen lights on, slide the bottom of the screen or you can press up / down key to switch different images.

Packing list:

  • iTestBox
  • Charge adapter Type-C data line
  • USB disk (more than 20% customers update file due to their damaged USB or issue USB disk, so we prepare a USB with you for future update)
  • Base board (Main FPC) for S300 (They look similar but they are different, S200 on base board write S200, while S300 write S300)
  • Test flex cables from 6g to 12 Pro Max As S300 and S200 flex cable are same, if you already got S200 flex cables then do not need to buy flex cables (Theri base board different). You can choose to buy S300 testbox only.
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