Super Soft Black Lamination Mat Pad for iPhone iPad LCD Glass Laminate

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To laminate iPhone LCD with glass, you can buy this universal soft mat. Even the glass has frame, the mat also can laminate LCD with glass directly. Fit iPhone all models including XR/11 and iPad under 11 inches.

Are you still using Orange mat to laminate LCD ? Its out of date. The orange mat is not good. Because you need bend LCD Flex cable, it is dangerous.

Now we have Black mat for iPhone LCD Glass lamination. Even though the Glass has frame, the black mat also can laminate LCD with glass directly. No hurt to mat, also no hurt to LCD.

This kind black mat is very soft, it makes pressure to LCD each area, so it can laminate LCD without bubbles.

We are doing refurbishing as well, we know which kind mat is the best. We know refurbishing broken screen is not easy. Just try our black mat, you would love it.

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