Solder Mask BGA Solder Stencil BGA chip surface repair tool for iPhone 6/7/8/8P/X chip motherboard CPU WIFI IC

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Solder Mask

Green ball network: for Apple mobile phone series A6 A7 A8 A9 A10 chip + A10 motherboard, including baseband CPU hard drive WIFI power supply touch IC audio, etc. ... universal hundreds of models, BGA chip off the surface repair, First coated with solder or welding treasure, can be reused. A set of six total of 103 chips.
In the use of the process, the user can cut the corresponding BGA chip green oil network!

1: clean before the need to clean the location of the need to repair the part of the chip or part of the motherboard, clean up with a wind gun drying, keep dry, need to repair the chip or the motherboard Diaoqi position with a scalpel parallel coated with the right amount of curing green oil , Pay attention to green oil as much as possible evenly coated, the thinner the better coating, fit as far as possible can not have bubbles. And then the green oil network (printed side) down close to the welding treasure, green oil on the chip pad on the chip or board position on the pad.
2: According to the thickness of smear green oil, purple light 6-15 seconds to launch the purple light in a short time to wear through the green oil on the black pad, the black pad part of the role of curing, but Chip or motherboard plate outside the green oil net transparent part of the fast curing, slowly tear off the green oil network, with washing plate water or alcohol to clean part of the pad and then continue to use solidification curing solid, that is, complete the chip or Motherboard Diaoqi the quick repair!

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