Semi Automatic Heat Hot Melt PUR 3542 Glue Dispenser Machine for iPhone X 11 12 13 14 Series Frame Bonding

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Machine + 12pcs metal needles + original LOCTITE 3542 glue (30ml). Especially used to bond frame for iPhone frame. Your feet controls the liquid dropping speed.

Here is the video demo link:

Notice: The glue dispenser machine need connect air compressor to work. The hot melt glue need to be 30ml. We recommend LOCTITE 3542 or XHZC brand 3542 Glue.

  • Heating temperature: 110-130c.
  • liquid dropping Speed control: Foot pedal controlled.
  • Glue heating time: can't heat over 4 times.
  • Glue expire time: once you open it, please use it up within 4 days.


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