Precision Position Alignment Mold Mould for iPad Air 2 Touch Glass to LCD

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To refurbish iPad Air 2 broken glass, you need the mold to make new glass to LCD. This precision mold will be your choice.

Doing iPad Air 2 LCD Refurbishment is not an easy job, the size is big, normaly you would separate the digitizer touch screen with glass together. So to refurbish iPad Air 2 LCD, most people will change touch screen.

The metal mold is also needed for refurbishing. Some cheap molds are not precision, it makes the LCD too high or too low. And some cheap molds are too tight, making the screen difficult to be taken out.

We are doing refurbishing as well, we know which kind mold is the best. We know refurbishing broken screen is not easy. Just try our iPad Air 2 Alignment mold, you would love it.

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