FY-1H-N mini portable air vacuum pump for LCD screen separator hot plate 150W 220V

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FY-1H-N mini portable air vacuum pump 2PA ultimate vacuum for Laminating Machine and LCD screen separator 150W 220V
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This Vacuum Pump is small size, mostly used for hot plate LCD separator

Product Usage:

Vacuum pump is used to seal the gas container extraction basic vacuum obtain equipment. Suitable for refrigeration service, printing machinery, vacuum packaging, gas analysis, thermoforming, etc.

Pumping operations can also be used as various types of high vacuum equipment before the pump use

Product Features:

1. monolithic block structure, advanced high-precision limit the degree of vacuum

2. Forced lubrication oil pump, ensure high reliability

3. giant windows designed to prevent starvation

4. The anti-reflux design, effectively prevent pump oil into the system

Product parameters:


Characteristic features and uses:

Rotary vane vacuum pump is used to seal containers pumping gas in addition to basic equipment, which can be used alone, it can also be used as a booster pump, diffusion pump, molecular pump before the pump to maintain the pumps, pre-titanium pump pumping use. It can be used in the manufacture of electric vacuum devices, vacuum welding, printing, plastic, refrigeration equipment repair and other ancillary instruments. Small size, light weight, low noise characteristics wide range of applications.

Single-stage vacuum pump
Model FY-1H-N
Rated voltage 220V ~ / 50Hz
Pumping rate 3.6m3 / h
Extreme pressure 2Pa
Motor power 150W
The amount of fuel 300ml
Dimensions 290x124x224mm
Weight 5kg
Air inlet connection thread
7/16 "-20UNF

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