Fingerprint Sensor Touch ID Tester Machine for iPhone 8 7 LCD Screen

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Some iPhone LCD Screens has bad backlight with bad home extension flex cable. This tester machine can check if the home button fingerprint in LCD works or not.
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Many repair shops replace broken iPhone 8 7 6s plus LCD Screens for their customers. But when you buy screens, you may get some bad LCD Screens even though the LCD Digitizer all are good. Only the fingerprint sensor not working, you may doubt this problem was cuased by motherboard. But actually, it is bad Backlight matters.

iPhone 8 7 iPhone 6S Plus Fingerprint Sensor Touch ID 3D Testing

Please click following link and read this artical carefully. You will know why

iPhone 8 7 6S Plus fingerprint sensor not working after screen replacement

It is worth to buy this fingerprint testing machine, because the machine can save you much time. If you test the LCD Screen on phone motherboard, you have to check one by one, the motherboard can be damaged very soon.

Fingerprint Sensor 3D Tester Machine for iPhone 8 Plus 7 6S LCD Display Screen

This video will guide you how we test iPhone fingerprint sensor with this small machine, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


The fingerprint sensor 3D tester Machine will be tested before shipping. We provide 1 year warranty. Don't worry about the quality. we will test the tester before we ship.

There are 2 points you need take notice. First one is The socket board must sit correctly on the machine pins. Second is your finger must keep pressing the silve foam heavily for 3 seconds.

How to use the fingerprint sensor tester machine for iPhone 8 7 LCD Screen display

Silver Foam cover the connector of iPhone 7 home flex

What you get:
1pcs Fingerprint Sensor Touch ID 3D Tester Machine for iPhone 8 7 LCD Screen
1pcs Charging Cable
1pcs Silver Foam
2pcs Testing Socket Board

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