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4 In 1 for iPhone 6S Glass with Original Polarizer OCA Frame Black

Our 4 in 1 is Original Polarizing Film with 360 degree angle viewing. No problems under sunglasses. Super clean glass without dust. Best choice for LCD Screen Refurbishing.
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Our iPhone 6S Glass is using 100% Original Polarizing Film (from Japan). The Glass is super clean without dust and it is waterproof. The frame is cold glue attached, which will not cause loose frame. And the OCA is San Ling brand.

Our Glass is no bubbles after you remove bubble. Glass is super clean.

We have sold many 4 in 1 glass to USA and Europe. All refurbishing companies love our quality.

Did you have problems when LCD refurbishing ? Big Bubbles ? Dust in LCD ? Glass is easy broken ? Frame is loose ? Copy Polarizer that can't see under sunglasses ? Heavy Static with copy polarizer ?

Don't worry. Our iPhone 6S 4 in 1 Glass will not have above problems. Here are some features of our 4 in 1 for iPhone 6s Glass Frame OCA Glue Polarizing Film

OEM 4 IN 1 iPhone 6S Glass Bezel OCA Polarizer Black

1. Our Glass is waterproof with good oil coating.
2. The front camera hold is blue tint like original.
3. The earpiece mesh is freely installed.
4. The frame bezel is used Cold Glue. Frame would Never separated.
5. Our 4 in 1 iPhone 6S Glass comes with a tearing tape. Easy to peel off the polarizer protector.
6. We use 100% original polarizer with 360 angle view and no static.
7. Our glass is very clean. No dust in it.

Quality control:
Each 4 In 1 for iPhone 6S Glass with Original Polarizer OCA Frame Black will be inspected by our QC team before shipping.

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