(Highly recommend) 50ml LX 6619A Cold AB Glue for iPhone X-15 Series Frame Bonding

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This AB Glue can be used with a plastic AB Gun. Also can be used on Automatic Dispenser machine (cold system to cool then hot press). Best glue so far for iPhone frame bonding.

If you don't have Automatic AB Glue dispenser machine, you can use this LX-6619A AB Glue in a plastic gun, after you glue the frame with screen, put the screen in a frame pressing mold, then put the mold on a hot plate to heat 10 min under 100c.

There are many brands glue in market for iPhone frame, but many of them don't work well, frame separated after some time.

We highly recommend LX-6619A AB glue to glue your iPhone frame with screen.

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