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Recycle iPhone LCD

Sell your Cracked or Broken LCD Screens for Cash Today. All your screens will be tested within 3 days. You will Get Paid once testing is finished. Easy and Safe to work with us !

iPhone LCD Recycle Price

Our price is much higher than others because we are based in China and Hong Kong. As you know, in the world, most of the broken screens are sent to China for refurbishing. Price is updated on 13th, Jan 2018, contact us to get higher prices now.

Apple iPhone 5TypePrice in USD
Grade A LCD$5.00
Grade B LCD$3.45
Grade C LCD$0.5
Grade D LCD$0.1
Apple iPhone 5CTypePrice in USD
Grade A LCD$3.00
Grade B LCD$1.75
Apple iPhone 5STypePrice in USD
Grade A LCD$4.00
Grade B LCD$2.75
Grade C LCD$0.5
Apple iPhone 6TypePrice in USD
Grade A LCD$9.00
Grade B LCD$6.00
Grade C LCD$3.00
Apple iPhone 6+TypePrice in USD
Grade A LCD$17.00
Grade B LCD$13.00
Grade C LCD$4.00
Apple iPhone 6STypePrice in USD
Grade A LCD$13.00
Grade B LCD$8.00
Grade C LCD$4.00
Apple iPhone 6S+TypePrice in USD
Grade A LCD$28.00
Grade B LCD$20.00
Grade C LCD$5.00
Apple iPhone 7TypePrice in USD
Grade A LCD$28.00
Grade B LCD$20.00
Grade C LCD$5.00
Apple iPhone 7+TypePrice in USD
Grade A LCD$45.00
Grade B LCD$32.00
Grade C LCD$6.00

Our Testing Standard:

A = Full Original, both Glass and LCD are original, and no dead pixels / spot etc. Only glass broken.
B = Full Original, LCD has 1-3 dead pixels / spot. Backlight has little problem or 3D / Fingerprint not working.
C = Full Original, Touch Not sensitive. Or the dead pixels are big. Grade C price is cheap a lot.
D = LCD Pressure Damaged / Burned / No image/ or missing flex cables. Grade D LCD is useless or worth very little money.

  • Grade A
  • Grade B
  • Grade C
  • Grade D

All damaged screens are considered useless. Once damaged, they all become a waste material. If you need, we can send Grade D screens back to you. (If you have a seal or sticker, you can put on your screens so that you can identify it is your screens that we send back). If you don’t need Grade D, we will throw away. When we recycle iPhone LCD, we find 20% are grade D. If possible, please test your broken screens before sending to us.