Broken LCD Screen Refurbish Service

If you don’t would like to sell your broken screens, you can send them to us for refurbishing. We have high-tech and big machines for refurbishing iPhone, Samsung, Sony, LG broken screens. We can refurbish over 1000pcs broken screens per day. Please contact us for more details now.

Samsung and iPhone Broken LCD Screen Refurbish

Our refurbishing price is affordable because we have large refurbishing lines with big machines. We only make profits from our hand-working of workers, we spend time and human resources to serve you. After refurbishing, you will get brand new original LCD Screens, the refurbishing costs deserve it. If you have large quantity broken screens for refurbishing, contact us to get better prices now.

  • Separate LCD
  • Remove Glue
  • Attach OCA Glass
  • Laminate OCA
  • Remove Bubble
  • Test LCD
  • Install Parts
  • Pack and Ship

Step 1:

Please tell us what brands / models / quantity you have. We will send you the refurbishing prices.

Step 2:

Please test your broken screens if you have time. We only can refurbish such broken screens: both LCD and Touch are working, just glass broken. If you don’t test, we will test for you. We don’t refurbish bad broken LCD (we will send back to you). If you worry we mix your LCD with other people’s LCD, we suggest you put your unique mark / sticker / seal on the LCD to identify it is your LCD. For now, we never make a mistake.

Step 3:

Please pack and ship your broken screens to us. Please pack well with safe packing materials to avoid damages during shipping.

Step 4:

We will begin to test your broken screens once we receive. After testing, we will send you our testing report - how many pieces are good and how many can be refurbished. The bad LCDs can be sent back together if you require. After you confirm our testing report, we begin to refurbish. Refurbishing usually only takes 1-3 days.

Step 5:

After refurbishing, we will test the successfully refurbished LCD first, then send you ALL LCD screens together by DHL / EMS etc. You need pay the shipping charge and our refurbish service fee.

Questions you may ask:

1. What will you do if you damage the LCD when you refurbishing ? Once we receive your broken screens, we will test. For example, you send us 100pcs, we test 80pcs are good, and 20pcs are bad, we will ensure the 80pcs broken screens all will be refurbished successfully. If we damage the LCD during refurbishing, we will compensate you new ones. But please note in this way, our refurbishing price is higher. If you don’t need warranty, our refurbishing price is cheaper.

2. What quality of Glass and frame do you use to refurbish my LCD ? We only use Grade AAA Waterproof Glass and Strong Frame to refurbish your LCD, the Glass and frame are nearly the same quality as original. The OCA and Polarizer are original and frame is attached by Cold Glue.

3. Do you pay the shipping fee before and after refurbishing ? Sorry, no. The price we quoted is only for refurbishing service. You need pay both shipping fee.

4. How do I know the LCD you sent me is my LCD ? That’s easy, before you send your broken screens to us, please put your unique mark / sticker /seal on your LCD. Then, you will know the LCD we sent you is 100% belong to your LCD.