(Full Ori) Front LCD Screen Touch Panel Digitizer for iPhone 6 Plus White

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High Quality tested 5.5 inches LCD Display Touch Panel Assembly for iPhone 6 Plus in White Color. Original Resolution and durable front glass.

In your daily life, if you incidentally dropped your iPhone 6 Plus on the ground, the touch glass may cracked or broken, to fix the problem, you can buy a brand new lcd screen to get it replaced. This item will be your best choice.

This item is full original, everything is original. Price is high.

Features of this item:

Features of this item:
1. Quality: Full Original and New
2. This item is Original LCD Display with resolution of 1920 * 1080.
3. The Front Glass is waterproof Gorilla Glass. Original.
4. It will fit your iPhone 6 Plus very well.
5. It can replace your cracked or broken front glass screen.

Quality Standards:
There are 3 different quality LCD Screen Touch Panel for iPhone 6 Plus in market, please take care what you are buying. The prices and quality are different. You can read below info to know which quality is better.

1. Assembled Flex Cable - Third Party processed
This quality is fine, and price is low. The LCD Flex Cable and Front Glass are not oem, they are attached to the display by third party machine. But quality is also perfect as we only provide high quality screens for iPhone 6 Plus. Most repair shops and wholesalers love this kind quality.

2. Half Original
The LCD Display is Original. The front glass is not Original, but good quality with waterproof function. The LCD Flex Cable comes with LCD Display, not attached by third party. We just attach the glass.

3. Original, Frame and Glass are Combined and Assembled by Cold Melt Tech
This kind screen is original, Frame and Glass are combined as one part before attaching to LCD, just like Original manufacturing method, using the cold glue. Currently, it is the best choice for repair shops.

4. Full Original
This kind screen is brand new original screen from original factory, it comes with original QR code and number, but it is in shortage.

Quality Control:
Each LCD Screen Touch Panel for iPhone 6 Plus White will be tested working perfectly before sending out. We guarantee our LCD Screen meets below requirements which is important:

1. Without dead pixels.We test each LCD under different pure black, white, blue and red colors to check the dead pixels.
2. Fit your iPhone 6 Plus perfectly. We always use a real iPhone 6 plus mother board to test the LCD which will assure the LCD fit the phone very well.
3. Sensitive touch screen. We test the touch function with our fingers by touching everywhere on the screen. Also, the machine will test again.

It is not easy to tear down the LCD Screen Touch Panel for iPhone 6 Plus, it may get damaged. Please ask a professional technician to do the task if you don't have skills.

What you get:
Front LCD Screen Touch Panel Digitizer for iPhone 6 Plus White - Full Original

Compatible with:
iPhone 6 Plus (5.5 inches)

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