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  • iPhone 6 Back Housing and Design Leaked

    There are some pictures of iPhone 6 Back Housing leaked recently! Let's have a look of the iPhone 6 design that we have expected for a long time. From the pictures, we can see that iPhone 6 Back Housing is much thinner than iPhone 5. The iPhone 6 design is more like iPod Touch 5 or iPad Mini, the Back Housing and Middle frame are combined as one part,which is different from iPhone 4 and 4S. Meanwhile, the size of iPhone 6 Front LCD Screen is larger than iPhone 5S. However, these pictures are just suspected pictures, we don't know it's authenticity. Continue reading

  • The difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S Back Housing Cover

    Are iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S back housing the same? Can iPhone 5 back cover used on iPhone 5S? The answers is not. We compared the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S back housing, and concluded some differences. Today we would like to lists all the difference between iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S Back Housing Cover from the front view to the back view.

    The Front View of the 2 Back Housings: Continue reading

  • Difference Between Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 LCD Screen

    In this article, we will specify what is the difference between Verizon and AT&T iPhone 4 LCD Screen. And we will tell you the difference between iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s LCD screen. Firstly, let's introduce the origin of iPhone 4 cellphone.

    On June 7, 2010, Apple Inc launched iPhone 4 in the world, it is the international version. This phone was so popular and loved by consumers that the phone was well known by all people. We can see many people using the iPhone 4 in the street all over the world. Continue reading

  • iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Not Working

    After replacing the iPhone 4 LCD Screen, the Light Proximity Sensor does not work properly. Changed a new Sensor Flex Cable, but it still does not work. The iPhone 4 Proximity Sensor Not Working problem is very common after repairing the screen for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

    What caused this problem? The real reason is the front glass of the iPhone 4 does not produced very well. You can clearly see 2 blue holes on the middle top of the glass through light. The 2 holes receive light and sensor from outside,if the holes are not produced very well by factory,it will cause sensor not responding. Continue reading

  • iPad Mini Home Button Not Work

    Got some iPad Mini Digitizer Touch Screen Assembly with IC soldered from suppliers,but the iPad Mini home button not work correctly or worked only some days ? The Digitizer Touch Screen for iPad Mini is sensitive,but the big problem is the home button.

    We saw some questions from internet.They claimed that the home button of iPad Mini is not working at all,or worked some days only.To resolve iPad mini Home button not work,we replaced an iPad Mini digitizer which is from our warehouse,and researched what was going on.Now,we find the problem and came up with a solution. Continue reading

  • How to Distinguish OEM and Copy iPhone 4 4S LCD Screen Digitizer

    Nowadays,there are thousands supplier providing iPhone 4 4S LCD Screen Digitizer Assembly.As we can see,on ebay and famous Chinese B2B Alibaba,just try a search,there are many lists of selling the iPhone 4 4S LCD screen.What makes us confused is the price and quality,there are many different prices,from 18 USD to 50 USD.The gap is very large.But obviously,the quality is absolutely different. Continue reading

  • iPhone 6 will be configured 5.5 inches screen

    Internationally renowned research firm - DisplaySearch recently released a statistical report for the 2014 display technology,showing the next generation of Apple's iPhone smartphone will be equipped with high-definition display with 5.5 inches size,a smart watch or iWatch will use AMOLED display screens. Continue reading

  • The difference between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C LCD Screen Digitizer Assembly

    Today,our topic is to discuss what is the difference between iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C front LCD Screeen Digitizer Assembly.We will post some pictures to clearly point out the differences.

    Waiting for a long time,Apple eventually released the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C,many Apple fans immediately bought a new iPhone 5S or iPhone 5C to meet their desire or curiosity.As expected,iPhone 5S is built in a fingerprint scanner which can identify whether you are the owner of the phone.iPhone 5C comes with 5 different attractive colors.The optional colors can meet different people's taste. Continue reading

  • Apple retail store changed the logo to red color on World AIDS Day

    Today,to show the concerning of the World AIDS Day,some world wide of APPLE retail stores replace LOGO into red instead.Sina Technology News,from December 1st morning news: to show the concerning of the World AIDS Day,some world wide of APPLE retail stores replace LOGO into red instead.

    The AAPLE company at fifth street retail store in New York turn LOGO into red color instead in World AIDS Day at this time last year.while located In London APPLE store also turn LOGO into red corlor.moreover,The AAPLE company still did not announce in which countries  stores will change LOGO color. Continue reading

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