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Apple iPod is not popular as before

iPod is a best-seller in Apple before 2013. The iPod is a entertainment smart device, the most outstanding feature is its Music and video. But since the iPod touch 5th is launched, the sales volume of iPod is significantly dropped. Why Apple iPod is not popular as before ? The reasons may caused by Apple's innovation and consumer's demand.

iPod divides iPod Classic, iPod Video, iPod Nano and iPod Touch. It's a long history since the first generation iPod has been released. In the year of 2011 to 2012, the iPod touch 4th was very prevalent in young people, just like iPhone 4 and 4S, iPod touch 4th sales volume reached a peak.

But since 2013, the iPod touch 4th is no longer hot. And other iPod series were lost in a depression. Although iPod touch 5th and iPod Nano 7th are newly launched, Apple can not change the fact that Apple iPod is not popular as before.

Why Apple iPod is not popular as before ? Here below is our conclusion:

iPod is not popular as before

Apple's innovation is lagging behind
From the configuration and appearance, the iPod gradually changed something, but not large. iPod is a entertainment device, which can not change its origin - just for fun. Not like cellphone, iPod can not make a call or send a message. It is mostly used for listening music and watching videos. But except for that, what can iPod do ? More new features or functions should be researched to save iPod.

Apple did not seize Consumer's demand
Technology just like a deep sea, never can be digged out. But Consumer's demand can be analyzed and predicated, what will a consumer expect the new iPod be ? From the statistics and market investigation, Apple should get a conclusion - consumers like a device with multi-functions and beautiful shape, easy operation and high configuration.

A current phenomenon is that iPod is not popular as before. And iPhone is getting larger but iPad is not prevalent as before too.

No matter what Apple will do, we can not change anything. Just see what the Apple would be in future.

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