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iPhone 7 Home button can not be replaced or changed

Recently, some repair shops reported an issue to us: the iPhone 7 home button can not work after they replaced the home button. Both the Fingerprint Sensor Touch ID and Returning to Menu function are not useful. The home button just like dead.

As we know, Since iPhone 5S, later iPhone models (iPhone 6 and 6S) both have touch ID, the home button still can be replaced, only the fingerprint sensor Touch ID function is useless. The returning to menu function is still useful.

But iPhone 7 is different now. After investigation, we found that there is no mechanical switch under the home button, the pressing is sensed by force sensors under the button, the force data goes through the same encrypted link. Replacing the button will destroy both Touch ID and button pressing.

iPhone 7 Home Button can not be replaced or changed

Currently, nobody can help if you damaged your iPhone 7 home button. If you really damaged it, you will have to go to Apple after sales for help. Only Apple can solve the problem.

We clarify again:
The iPhone 7 Home button can not be replaced or changed. If you replace it, the new home button will be totally dead. New home button will NOT have returning to homepage function, let along the Touch ID / fingerprint sensor.

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