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How to repair iPad Mini 3 Broken Glass Screen Digitizer

The iPad Mini 3 is the third generation iPad mini, with a fingerprint touch ID and better configuration, it has won lots of Apple fans. But, during daily life, there is a chance that the front glass is scratched or broken. If you encountered this problem, you can get it fixed by replacing a new screen. But to repair iPad Mini 3 Broken Glass Screen is not easy, you need to know some points.

1. The Apple Official Store will not repair it unless you pay extra money even though your iPad mini 3 is still under warranty. And the repair expense is very high.

2. You can send it to your local cellphone repair shops for help, they charge less money. But you do not know if they are professional. You also don't know if they use Original or Fake screen to replace your broken screen.

3. You can repair it yourself. But you need purchase a new screen and learn how to repair it. It will be a tough job for a common person.

There is no choice, to repair iPad Mini 3 Broken Glass Screen you have to choose one of the above 3 methods. Generally, most people would choose the second method - ask repair shops for help.

No matter who repairs iPad Mini 3 Broken Glass Screen for you, it is worthwhile for you to know how they replace it. Here below is the guide from ifixit:

Heat the edge of the screen and insert the pick

You can use heat gun instead of the iopener to hear the edge of the screen, use the suction up and pick to make sure the pick is inserted into the screen. Please insert at least 4 picks. It will be easier to open the screen.

open the broken screen iPad Mini 3

Remove the LCD Display

After you open the screen, don't pull, just open it because there are other parts need to be disassembled from the device. such as the lcd metal plate and flex cable fasten brackets.

Remove the LCD Display

Remove the Glass Screen

After the lcd display, lcd metal plate and fasten brackets are all removed, then you can remove the glass screen from the motherboard.