Front Glass Lens for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus S9+

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To refurbish Samsung S9 Plus S9+ OLED Screen, the bubble problem or Glass thickness problem always make people frustrated.

As we know full original Samsung S9 Plus S9+ glass film has QR Code, but this kind original glass is in shortage, very less now.

So we have OEM quality S9 Plus S9+ Glass, the paint is processed by third party, the glass materials are original. The quality is the same as full original Glass.

We are doing refurbishing as well, we know which kind Samsung S9 Plus S9+ Glass is the best. We know refurbishing broken screen is not easy. Just try our Samsung S9 Plus S9+ Glass, you would love it.

How to Install / Tips of our Samsung S9 Plus S9+ Glass
● This Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus S9+ Glass Lens is hermetically encapsulated, special tools and skills are required to change this part.
● Be sure to choose the right color and version before placing an order.
● Please try to handle the repair or replacement work in a dry and dust free environment without direct sunlight.
● The installation of any new part should be done by a qualified person. We are not responsible for any damage caused during installation.

Please make sure you have laminating machine and mold before buying our Samsung S9 Plus S9+ glass. YMJ machine can do Samsung S9 Plus S9+ screen refurbishing very well.

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