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Genuine Samsung Galaxy S5 Cellphone Viewing

The anticipated mysterious Samsung GALAXY S5 has finally come out! Can't wait to view it? Ok, let's have a look...

Here are the front and back view of Samsung Galaxy S5. As we can see that there is some creative points, for example,the supporting frame is silver metal, the back cover is Leather material which is very alike Note series phones.

Samsung Galaxy S5 front view Samsung Galaxy S5 front view

Samsung Galaxy S5 back view

Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD Screen Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD Screen

The body design is nearly the same with Galaxy S4, the boarders are Narrow as S4. The obvious differences are the design of home button and corner
Radian.The LCD Screen is 5.1 inches Super AMOLED with 1920*1080 pixels.. The Maximum brightness of 500 lumens makes Samsung Galaxy S5 real color and light outstanding. The Minimum brightness is also upgraded which enables the light not hurt your eyes under dark night.

Samsung Galaxy S5 waterproof anti-dust

The ability of waterproof and dustproof reached IP67. Samsung Galaxy S5 has the ability to prevent dust from entering the motherboard, and when the S5 is dropping to water, it will not cause damage to the equipment. This amazing ability is really nice!

Samsung Galaxy S5 back cover

In order to reach IP67 protection standard, Samsung re-designed the power, volume and home button to avoid any gaps. The rubber inside is for protection, ensuring dust and liquids can not enter the machine. The dock charging port at the bottom comes with a rubber stopper which can prevent dust too. Samsung Galaxy S5 back cover is removable design, it is easy for users to change battery.

Samsung Galaxy S5 dock charging port

Samsung Galaxy S5 is adopted USB 3.0 dock connector (Note 3 is the same).

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

Regarding the Camera, S5 is equipped with 16 million pixels Back Camera and 2.1 million front camera,supporting 0.3 seconds fast focus technology, and it has better HDR effect, meanwhile it can selectively focus. The ability of taking pictures is greatly enhanced.

Do you like the New mode? With the high configuration and nice appearance, i was deeply fascinated by the Samsung Galaxy 5. My next phone is you - S5. I am ready for it. What about you ?

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