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How to avoid damaging the LCD Screen during installation

How to avoid damaging the LCD Screen during installation

Some amateurs / beginners would like to save money to get his phone fixed. And Some of them just do this job as a hobby, they repair for his families or friends. Without professional training, they just tear down the phone by watching youtube videos. However, repair job is not as easy as watching videos.

Let's take an example, it is about replacing the broken iPhone LCD screens. If without some years repair experiences, the beginners could very easily damage the new LCD screens. To avoid such problems, we would like to introduce some useful tips.

1. Gently Pop out the LCD Touch Connectors from the socket by using a plastic tool. Don't pull the connectors from the socket directly, otherwise, the LCD Touch flex cable would be damaged.

Here is an example of how to correctly pop out the connectors:

Pop out the LCD Touch Connectors from the socket by using a plastic tool

Here is an example, the flex cable was damaged. One of our customers just pulled the flex cable directly from the motherboard.

damaged LCD Screen flex cable

2. Don't bend the metal block area, it is the weakest area. Otherwise, the display would be black (no image), there are lines in display or the screen would be shacking. These problems can't be fixed, which means the LCD screen would be totally damaged.

how to avoid damage LCD screen

The correct method is - hold the metal block area. The upper side of the metal block can be bent.

3. Take care of the IC of the display. The IC is located in the top area of the display. The IC makes the screen work as it should be, just like our brain, it controls display and touch.

Only open the backlight, you will see the IC. Some repair men damaged the IC, they didn't know at all. Because the IC is under the backlight.

Here is an example of the damaged IC:

iPhone LCD Screen IC damaged

Actually, as a professional repair technician, these problems can be avoided. If you really damaged the LCD Screen, you would lose the money. So, please take care when you install the LCD Screen.

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