2UUL DA81 Electric Wireless Polishing Grinding Pen Cutting Punching Engraving Tool

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2UUL DA81 Chargeable Polish Drill Pen for Phone Repair Professional Grinding Tool Set

2UUL DA81 Smart Electric Polishing Pen Cutting Punching Engraving Wireless Mini Motherboard Polishing Pen Grinding Disassembly


1 . Solve the problem of traditional grinding pen shake , no shake rotation at high speed, and safer grinding IC chip.

2.Long gourd appearance design is more comfortable to hold.

3. Configure 5 different specifications, suitable for repair chip IC grinding, cutting motherboard, bracket, grinding border, etc.

4. Three Speed adjustment to meet different operation requirements.

5.USB connection, easier to use. Chargeable.


Package Included:

1Pcs*Polishing Pen
10pcs * Heads

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